Turkey: MIT sets up special task force for covert operations in Greece – What the government fears

The MIT is setting up a new special unit with the aim of conducting secret operations in Greece or otherwise causing provocations.

Turkey is working on the most insidious plans in order to hurt Greece. With hybrid warfare at the fore in recent years for the Turks, the well-known website Nordic Monitor reveals yet another unethical plan by Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his minions.

In more detail, this website reveals that the Turkish secret service MIT is setting up a new special unit with the purpose of conducting covert operations in Greece, allegedly to set up various provocations.

This unit, the existence of which MIT has not publicly acknowledged, appears to be a relatively new tool in its arsenal, intended to set up a variety of provocations that will not only exacerbate existing tension, but potentially be used as a pretext for Turkish military action against Greece.

MIT is made up of members of Erdogan’s secret paramilitary army and the elite Turkish Special Forces, the so-called “Red Berets. Among other things, this insidious plan that Turkey is preparing includes the “false flag” provocation!

This plan means that the MIT team carries out covert operations which are designed in such a way that they can be blamed on the Greek side and thus perhaps justify an aggressive action in retaliation. This practice is common and the Turks have also applied it in Cyprus since the 1960s.

Another action of MIT will be the raising of the Turkish flag on one or more Greek islands. This is a scene that reminds of what happened in 1996 in Imia.

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Also, systematic instrumentalization of Migrant (which is already being done) and sabotage on islands and islets of the Eastern Aegean are planned, with Kastelorizo ​​considered a more likely target, due to its very close distance to Turkey.

Finally, we should mention that its action plan against Greece has been handed over to Erdogan for approval by MIT commander Hakan Fidan, who had the general supervision of the formation of this unit and the overall implementation of its action plan.

Fidan is one of the most controversial and dark figures in Turkey. He enjoys the absolute trust of the Turkish president, belonging to the hard core of the regime.

After the failed 2016 coup (in which Fidan had a hand in its failure), Erdogan questioned the legitimacy of Defense Minister Hulusi Akar, and it was Fidan who convinced him of Akar’s innocence.

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