Green Beret Awarding Ceremony to the new Probationary Reserve Officers (RPOs) and Commando Hoplites (SYOP) Commandos.


On Friday, March 15, 2024, the green beret ceremony was held for the new DEA and SYOP Commandos of the 11her Series, who have successfully completed Basic Commando School training. The ceremony was attended by the families of the new commandos, the Chief of the National Guard, Lt. Gen. George Tsitsikostas, the hierarchy of the Greek Armed Forces and a delegation of executives.

In his brief greeting, the Chief, after congratulating the new Commandos on the successful completion of training, urged them to continue with the same zeal, to show the strength of the soul and having as a beacon the sacrifice of our legendary commandos, who left a great legacy legacy, to be perfected as modern fighters, under the imperative of the saying “DARE TO VICTORY”. He pointed out that their conscious choice to voluntarily join the Special Forces demonstrates that in their person we can see these people who want and can make a difference.

Then the Chief emphasized that our centuries-old history teaches us that the real advantage lies not so much in numbers and sizes, but in the quality of the soulful potential and its prosperous morale. The enemy should know that they will face the Locator’s punch. Concluding, he thanked the families of the new Commandos, whom he called on to feel proud that their children are serving in the Special Forces.

Subsequently, the new DEA and SYOP Commandos will be placed in the Commando Units, where together with the rest of the personnel they will continue operational training.

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