Russia and Turkey have formed an alliance against the West

Putin and Erdogan are sending messages to the West

Putin and Erdogan join forces against the West: “Turkey, the most reliable route for the transport of gas to the EU”

Russia and Turkey have formed an alliance against the West, at a time when the European Union still has not found its pace in the face of the energy crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine and the imposition of sanctions on Russia.

Russian President Vladimir Putin met his Turkish counterpart Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Kazakhstan today (13/10/2022) in a meeting that sealed their alliance. “Turkey is proving to be the most reliable route for the transfer of natural gas to the European Union,” Putin said addressing Erdogan and suggested creating in Turkey what he calls a “hub” for gas supply.

“During the work of this hub, which we could create together, of course, it will also be a platform not only for procurement, but also for determining the price, because this is a very important issue – the issue of the price,” Putin said and continued “today, these prices are sky high. We could easily regulate them at a normal market level, without political ramifications.”

Putin presented his… idea for transforming Turkey into an energy hub for natural gas transport yesterday (12/10/2022). The plan is based on redirecting supplies meant for the Nord Stream pipelines under the Baltic Sea, which were damaged by explosions last month. It is recalled that Swedish and Danish authorities are investigating the explosions as acts of sabotage, but have not yet said who they believe is behind them.

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The Turkish Stream pipeline and the sabotage attempt

Besides, the Russian president glorified Russian-Turkish joint projects. As he said, “Turkish Stream is working successfully, even though they tried to blow it up, supplies of Russian natural gas to Turkey are proceeding in full, according to requests, work on the (nuclear plant) of Akuyu is proceeding according to plan, it will be it is possible to fulfill the agreements and start the next power unit by the 100th anniversary of Turkey”.

In fact, a little later, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that “many people have been arrested during the attempted attack on the TurkStream pipeline”.

The Istanbul agreement on the export of grain

For his part, the Turkish president focused on the agreement between Russia and Ukraine for grain transportation.

“We are determined to strengthen and continue grain exports within the framework of the Istanbul agreement, as well as the transfer of Russian grain and fertilizers to less developed countries through Turkey,” Erdogan said.

“While Turkey’s and Russia’s steps will upset some circles, they will make less developed countries happy,” Edogan said, referring to the Istanbul deal.

At the same time, the Turkish president said that Ankara could work with Moscow to determine the low-income countries to which Russian grain and fertilizers can be exported.

Construction of a nuclear power plant in Northern Turkey

Finally, Erdogan raised the idea of ​​Russia building a second nuclear power plant in northern Turkey.

“If such a step is taken, it will have a serious impact. The Akkuyu nuclear power plant will cover 10% of our electricity needs and with the Sinop nuclear power plant we will be able to cover another 10%. In total, there will be 20%,” the Turkish president explained.

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Erdogan in the role of… peacemaker

Earlier, Erdogan – addressing the Summit of the Conference on Cooperation and Confidence-Building Measures in Asia (CICA) – recalled his role as a Moscow-Kiev mediator, saying that Turkey’s goal is to stop the bloodshed in Ukraine as soon as possible , despite the obstacles.

“Humanity is going through a period where the balance of power has shifted and supply chains have been disrupted. We face serious challenges in many areas, from the economy to food security, from energy to international relations. We believe that the global security architecture must be formed on the basis of a fairer understanding,” he stressed.

Erdogan added that a just peace in Ukraine could be established through diplomacy. According to him, Turkey’s goal in the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is “to maintain the momentum achieved, despite the difficulties on the ground, and to stop the bloodshed as soon as possible.”

“I have always said that a just peace can be achieved through diplomacy, and our intensive efforts to eliminate the consequences of the conflict have been recognized by the whole world. The prisoner exchange last month was a concrete achievement in this direction,” he said.

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