Turkey: Greek "designs" for a new Battle of Navarino sees the former head of the Intelligence Service

The crescendo of incendiary rhetoric and nationalism continues in Ankara, after the unprecedented challenge of Erdogan’s government partner, Devlet Bakhceli, who presented a map of the Aegean with half the islands and Crete belonging to Turkey, the former head of the Intelligence Service of the General Staff, Ismail Haqi Beijing “sees” a new Battle of Navarino.

According to SKAI, Beijing claimed that the goal is “a sea and land war between Turkey and Greece with the US standing next to it. Their goal is to annihilate Turkey’s fleet and air force.”

According to him, the Greek scenario wants to close the Aegean to Turkey, to trap it, so that Turkey cannot react, and for Greece to occupy Imbros and Tenedos, which are near the Straits.

“The destruction of our Fleet will have results similar to what happened with Ibrahim Pasha, that is, as with the Naval Battle of Navarino, and later together with France they will head to the Mediterranean,” he told CNN Turk.

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