Greek-Turkish: Will the Greek Drone Dome also have a laser?

Greek-Turkish: Will the Greek Drone Dome have a laser like the Israeli one or not?

In the Greek islands, it became known from reports that an anti-drone system is being installed, which will be based on the technology of the Israeli Drone Dome.

This system will be able to interfere with the frequencies of Turkish drones (small and large) and prevent them from completing their mission.

But what is the possibility of dealing with Turkish kamikaze Kargu drones, which can also attack in a swarm?

For such cases the Israelis use lasers in the Drone Dome.

Will there be such a possibility in the Greek anti-drone system?

Don’t forget that the Turks are talking about Attacks by 200 drones together.

According to the head of Turkey’s defense industry, Ismail Demir, Ankara is close to achieving its goal of creating the conditions that would allow Turkey’s Kargu suicide drones to carry out saturation attacks against eight to ten drones simultaneously.

It should be noted that Greece will rely on American MALE UAVs for more effective surveillance of the Aegean and especially the Eastern Mediterranean.

Unarmed Q 9s can fly continuously 24 hours a day, multiplying Greece’s surveillance capabilities.

Athens, as can be seen from the data so far, does not wish to acquire armed drones (including offensive weapons, etc.).

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