Turkey: Establishes a drone army and drops it in the Aegean

Turkey: Let’s start with the basics. The Turks are once again trying to challenge the sovereignty of Greece, shortly after reports that the islands can be hit with… Turkish rocket launchers.

So the neighbors are creating yet another unmanned army, wanting to change the balance of power under the sea.

Following in the footsteps of China, Russia, Spain and South Africa, the Turks are developing the production of swarms of drones with the main target of course being the Aegean and the Mediterranean.

The concept of UAV swarms is about enabling agile UAVs to attack ground and air targets while also performing reconnaissance missions and conducting electronic warfare.

For its part, Athens, as can be seen from the data so far, does not wish to acquire armed drones.

It should be noted that just yesterday its air force carried out a total of 37 violations of the national airspace, with 8 fighters, of which two were armed, while there were also violations by two unmanned aircraft.

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