Why the Turks are trembling with the supply of the AAV-7 landing gear from Greece

The approval by the Parliament for the supply of a total of 74 armored amphibious vehicles brought panic to the Turkish side.

By Christos Mazanitis

The “green light” of the Special Standing Committee on Armament Programs and Contracts of the Parliament for the supply of 74 amphibious armored AAV-7, brought turmoil to Turkey, which sees one after the other the destruction of all the advantages it had built in recent years, with aggressive intentions.

In fact, according to confirmed information from enikos.gr, under the supervision of the GRETHA, the relevant file is being drawn up so that the LOR to the USA will be gone by the end of the month at the latest so that the procedures can run quickly. And this is not only to advance the procurement procedures of the extremely valuable units, which are mainly intended for the Marines.

It is also to achieve a cost reduction of 25 million by making use of the relevant Mutual Defense Cooperation Act of the USA, which provides for funding whenever military material of Russian origin is withdrawn.

According to information from enikos.gr, out of all the vehicles, 72 are in excellent working condition, having undergone the relevant maintenance and the additional 2 will probably serve as spare parts donors.

The procurement of the AAV-7 will enhance the capabilities of the 32nd Marine Brigade, which will be able to conduct the operations they want the way they always wanted. It will now be possible to transport 760 people, in sea state “5”.

Compared to the WWII-era AAVs currently used by the Marines for amphibious landings, the AAV-7s will be able to provide a greater level of safety for the occupants, while with its 0.50-inch cannon and grenade launcher of 40mm will be able to provide coverage during operations.

Each vehicle can carry 12 to 25 Marines with their equipment (depending on load). Operationally – considering the way the Americans operate, the AAV-7s will be used in the first phase for the safe landing on the shore and in the second time, with the arrival of the tanker, the marines will be transferred to the M1117 wheeled armored vehicles.

In Greece, we saw them on the ground on January 8, 2019, during the Greece-US exercise “Alexander the Great”.

In addition, they can travel 40 miles at sea, leaving a minimal footprint, which poses a major threat to enemy defenses.

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