Greek-Turkish: Why did not all Turks like Erdogan’s move with the drilling rig

Devotees of the “Blue Homeland” against Erdogan for the drilling rig – They accuse him of trapping Turkey!

Greek-Turkish: At a time when there is alarm about “Abdul Hamit Khan”, inside Turkey there is dissatisfaction with the decision of Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

The drilling rig began its challenging journey, with the Turkish President taking it away from the Greek Cypriot EEZ, just a few miles from the Turkish coast.

This particular development is opposed by the devotees of the so-called “Blue Homeland”.

Typical in this direction was the publication of the think tank Türk Denizcilik ve Global Stratejiler Merkezi (Turkish Maritime and Global Strategy Center), according to which Erdogan trapped Turkey in the “Map of Seville”.

We should point out that the “Charter of Seville” was created when the E.U. asked the University of Seville to map the EEZs of the European states based on the Law of the Sea of ​​1982. It was prepared in the early 2000s. It records the connection of the Greek and Cypriot EEZs.

That is, the maximum limits for Greece and Cyprus are defined, using the coast of each inhabited Greek island – regardless of its size and its proximity to the Turkish coast.

“What we feared has come true! The first duty station of the drilling rig “Abdulhamid Khan” is the Yörükler-1 plot, 55 kilometers off Gazipasa. In other words, within the “Map of Seville”, which traps us in the Gulf of Antalya… We don’t know what to say”, concludes the specific think tank in its post.

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