F-16: Incredible challenge of the Turks – They say that the Greek Block 30 will have work in the Aegean, that’s why they are not upgraded

F-16: Incredible challenge from the Turks who say that the Greek Block 30 will have a job in the Aegean, that’s why Greece doesn’t have time to upgrade them.

Turkey is in… shock from the upgrade of 38 Greek Block 50 Fighting Falcons to Vipers, increasing the total number of Greek Vipers to 121 (p.s. to be confirmed by Sportime).

In fact, the news of the upgrade of the additional 38 Greek F-16s to Vipers is one of the first topics of the Turkish defense press.

The… nice thing is that the Turks say that the Greek F-16 Legacy Block 30, thirty-two of which are still in service, will not be upgraded to the V variant and will not be transferred anywhere outside of Greece, nor are they expected to be deployed, but will remain operationally active in the Aegean as they “carry a heavy daily workload”.

What do the Turks say?

That because they are making violations in the Aegean, the Greek fighters will have… a lot of work.

The Turks are bragging about the violations in the Aegean while they are probably… relieved that they will be facing the Block 30 and not the Viper.

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