The Turks are out of control: “We saved Cyprus from EOKA-Athens wanted to annex the island”

We had a new provocative article from the Turkish state, which wants to justify the unjustified invasion of our Cyprus!


”Former British Foreign Secretary James Callaghan had stated: “According to the information I have just received, the Turks are about to launch a second operation, Cyprus is currently a prisoner of the Turkish Army. But tomorrow, the Turkish Army will be the prisoner of Cyprus.” Almost half a century has passed since he said.

In Greece’s attempt to annex Cyprus, Turkey, using the right of guarantor power, intervened and ensured the existence of the “Turkish Cypriot” people on the island.

The TAF (Turkish Armed Forces) has assumed the role of a monument of stability and a kind of peacekeeping force.

It created an atmosphere of peace and security that the United Nations Peacekeeping Force could not provide in Sarajevo.

Since that day, no serious incident has occurred on the island of Cyprus.

Today, even the Greeks must be grateful to the Turkish soldier who saved them from the “1st EOKA”, a network of murderers.

It also paved the way for democracy in Greece, which was under a junta regime and wanted to annex the island.

From the beginning the Turks tried to be very open, honest and consistent.

The greatest source of strength for the Turkish Cypriots in this process has been the Turkish Army, the Turkish Nation and the Turkish Governments who understand them correctly.

In all negotiations, every step was taken by the Turkish side, including the withdrawal of forces from the island with unilateral gestures to create a positive atmosphere.

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Even the Annan Plan, which usurped many of the vested rights of the Turkish section, including loss of territory, was accepted.

Cyprus has become almost the focal point of the balance that has begun to be established in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The tendency of the USA, the EU and some countries in the region to give weight in favor of the Greek and Greek Cypriot sides to Turkey’s initiatives towards its rights and interests is worrying.

Countries and organizations that have not realized the importance of Turkey and are unable to understand its role, bring new lines to Turkey’s foreign policy.

The Cypriot Victory has taken its place in the most extraordinary pages of history and has regained its freedom in a nation.”

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