Greek-Turkish: The war in Ukraine shows what Turkey will suffer from the Greek F-35s

Greek-Turkish: The war in Ukraine shows what Turkey will suffer from the Greek F-35s when Greece takes them (s.s. sooner than thought).

A new page is being written in Ukraine at the moment in aviation business, with a new era emerging and Greece looking set to be part of this new order of things.

The Russians have accomplished the… unbelievable in Ukraine. They have not succeeded, despite the large number of fighters that have air superiority.

According to the authoritative, the war in Ukraine has shown that we are heading towards the end of the dominance of fourth generation fighters (including Su 35 and F-16).

Even the troubled Ukrainian air defenses have given the Russian S-35s a hard time, with Moscow failing to acquire the superweapon in Ukraine’s skies.

This, as noted, is largely due to the fact that the balance has changed with fourth generation fighters now being considered… old.

The Americans argue that the future is now based on the F-35, with Lockheed Martin not hiding its satisfaction with the course of interest in the American stealth fighters.

According to the new forms of warfare have led many countries to choose the F-35, including Germany, Switzerland, Finland, Greece and the Czech Republic.

In fact, the first delivery of the F-35 Lightning II to the Luftwaffe will take place in 2026, with the F-35 gradually replacing the German Tornado.

“The war in Ukraine proves once and for all that ideas like the non-stealth F-15EX fighter are really stupid and will kill American pilots in a war with Russia or China,” explained Harry J. Kazianis, President and CEO of the Rogue States Project.

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“The F-35 is the only fighter jet ready and able to take on the tough air defenses of the future like the S-300, S-400 and S-500 that they will have to defeat,” it says.

“The F-35 was designed to operate in contested airspace, with capabilities precisely focused on what we’re seeing today in Ukraine,” Billy Flynn, a former Canadian lieutenant colonel and senior F-35 test pilot, told TheAviationist.

With all this, they certainly do not feel comfortable in Turkey, seeing that Greece is slowly entering the closed bloc of countries trusted by Washington for the use of the F-35.

We also wrote in our previous post that Turkey has made a huge mistake with the Turkish 5G network, which was built by the Chinese Huawei.

This means that Turkey will NEVER receive critical American technology as long as 5G is controlled by China.

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