It changes the game! AESA radar that detects ballistic missiles is placed in Crete by the Air Force

Kronos Grand Mobile High Power is a multifunctional C-band radar, designed for air and sea surveillance and defense.

The latest Kronos Grand Mobile High Power (GM HP) air defense radar technology has been selected by the Hellenic Air Force as the integrated air and missile defense system to be used at NAMFI (NATO Missile Fire Installation), based on the Island of Crete.

The new radar will ensure high levels of air safety during the exercises. The decision was announced at the Farnborough International Airshow.

The radar, whose delivery is expected by 2024, will contribute to the high-quality training of the NATO Armed Forces, as well as the testing and validation of systems.

Kronos Grand Mobile High Power is a multifunctional C-band radar, designed for air and sea surveillance and defense.

It is the latest evolution of the Kronos family, able to offer greater performance through the integration of more powerful TRMs (Transmit-Receive Modules).

The sensor’s Active Electronically Scanned Array (AESA) technology gives truly unprecedented possibilities.

In addition, the L-band sensor family, such as the Kronos Power Shield radar, is specifically designed for long-range Anti Tactical Ballistic Missile (ATBM) detection capabilities.

Several customers around the world, including Europe, the Middle East, Asia Pacific and South America, already use advanced Kronos radar technology as the core sensor of their integrated air and missile defense system, with more than 40 radars in service.

The Kronos Grand Mobile High Power has already been selected as the surveillance and engagement radar for the Italian version of the SAMP/T New Generation surface-to-air missile system of the Eurosam Consortium (MBDA 66.6% and Thales Group 33.3%).

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As can be understood, the presence of a radar of such range and capabilities will give new air not only to the NATO infrastructure, but also to the Greek air force in any plans of the Turks, in the area of ​​the illegal Turko-Libyan memorandum.

We remind you according to PENTAPOSTAGMA, that from 2020, we have a plan for the installation of a state-of-the-art Israeli radar station in A.Crete.

Such a development would be an indication of the strengthening of the alliance of the two countries and the bad position Ankara is in, as from now on its every move will be monitored.

The needs for surveillance from our country in the Eastern Mediterranean are constantly increasing, as all allies have recognized the stability of Greece in the wide and long arc from the Balkans to the Eastern Mediterranean.

The first discussions about the Israeli radar had started about two years ago, with the Israelis giving the green light to give Greece the possibility of managing such a system. The researches of the staffs are in the study stage in order to establish its possibilities and to what extent its placement in Crete serves.

The East Med pipeline and the other Greece-Israel-Egypt plans show Crete as the key island in the entire Eastern Mediterranean.

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