Turkish Media: The US is stockpiling ammunition on the Turkish border

The United States will permanently deploy 600 military personnel to the port of Alexandroupoli

Hundreds of armored vehicles, tanks and thousands of military personnel have been deployed to the port of Alexandroupoli (Evros) in Western Thrace under the five-year Defense Agreement signed with Greece last year, Turkish media reports.

Citing Greek media, Soczu reports that the 1st Army Aviation Brigade, which consists mainly of attack helicopters in the Fort Hood area of ​​the US state of Texas, will deploy to the port of Alexandroupoli in November.

“It was also reported in the news that a tank crew competition titled ‘Hellenic Tank Challenge’ will be held at the firing range in the village of Kayalar (Petrochori) between the crews of the Hellenic and American Ground Forces in the province of Xanthi, near the Turkish border,” reports the Turkish media.

Senior commanders of the US 1st Infantry Division and the 1st Airborne Brigade of the Hellenic Army recently met with representatives of the Hellenic Army and the US Area Support Group in Stefanovikio.

Brandon Marsh, head of the US regional support group in Greece, said that the “MDCA”, namely Stefanovikio and Alexandroupoli, suggested that the US and Greece are two important locations for mutual use of attack helicopters.

Under the same agreement, it was stated that the United States would permanently deploy 600 military personnel to the port of Alexandroupoli.

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