Turkish Iron Dome by the Turks – Did they copy the Israelis?

Greek-Turkish: Turkish Iron Dome by the Turks – They copied the Israelis, with the SİPER air defense system.

The Turkish SİPER air defense system is Turkey’s first long-range regional air defense and missile defense system developed by Turkey’s Roketsan, ASELSAN and SAGE.

The SIPER system will have more than one missile. The SİPER Block I missile, which features an RF Seeker Head, is estimated to have a range of 70+ kilometers.

SİPER Block II, the main missile developed specifically for the system, will have a range of 100+ kilometers and superior maneuverability.

With the Turkish Iron Dome, the Turks seek to plan and coordinate the Turkish air defense, with information management and distribution, production of combined aerial photographs, threat assessment and weapons distribution, fusion of multiple targets.

It should be noted that the news of the agreement between Israel and Turkey, for the purchase from Nicosia of the Israeli Iron Dome, has gained particular attention in Turkey.

Demir Kubbe, as the Iron Dome is called in Turkish, is of particular concern to the Turks since, as noted, after Cyprus, Greece has been discussing its purchase for a year.

The Turks pay particular attention to the fact that Iron Dome has been in use by Israel for 10 years and “so far has a 90 percent success rate against multiple missile attacks.”

“The Greek media also wrote that the system was tested against SİHA,” writes the Turkish Milliyet.

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