Turkey: The incredible mistake of the Turks in the nuclear plant of Akugio

Turkey: The incredible mistake of the Turks at the Akuyu nuclear plant went off like a bomb, it risks becoming a nightmare for Erdogan.

The Turkish president, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, demanded within a week the results of the inspection report on the Akuyu nuclear power plant, built by the Russian company Rosatom.

Next week the Turkish president will have the conclusion of the report in his hands, while the only Turkish member of the board of directors of the Russian-Turkish company that was established for the operation of the factory, has submitted his resignation.

Rosatom, Russia’s state-owned atomic energy company, actually owns the Akuyu nuclear power plant.

The Russians canceled the contract of the Turkish company İçtaş, a 50% partner in Akugiou.

If Guneid Zapsu, a close adviser to Erdogan and the only Turk on Akkuyu AŞ’s board, resigns, all members of the 8-member board, chaired by Anastasia Zoteeva, will be Russian citizens, with the exception of French national Henri Edouard Progio.

Akuyu is Russia’s first nuclear power plant built outside its territory, and Turkey has committed to buying 70% of the electricity for the first two units and 30% for the third and fourth units.

Are you saying that there will be an issue with the subsoil of the area and the project will be cancelled?

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