The Turkish Milliyet is afraid of the Greek F-35 and Rafale

A main article of the Turkish newspaper Milliyet refers to the strengthening of the deterrent capacity of the Greek Armed Forces with the Rafale and the F-35.

The central Sunday article of the online edition of the Milliyet newspaper refers to the supremacy of Greece in the airwaves over the Aegean when the F-35s arrive, but reassuring the Turks about the role of the Turkish Defense Industry.

The text refers to various perceptions that exist in Turkish society regarding the relationship of power between the two countries and deconstructs or supports them, accordingly. The author and journalist Ozai Sendir specifically mentions.

The article specifically mentions: “If the US approves the sale of F-16s without conditions, the correlation in the air between Greece and Turkey will be maintained. This is wrong. The Rafale and F-35 that Greece will get in the future are better than the F-16. Both models can launch ‘Meteor’ missiles which have a range of 320km while the F-16’s missiles have a range of just 120km.

In addition to the Rafale and F-35, Meteor missiles can also be launched by the Eurofighter and the Swedish Gripen. But there is no immediate need to be discouraged as Turkey is making progress in domestic production of both surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles.

By the time the Rafale and F-35 arrive in Greece, expected in 2028, our missiles will be further developed. In today’s world, it’s not just the number of aircraft that counts, but the munitions they carry, their radars and also the mark they leave on the radars.”

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