The Russians destroyed the Greek BMP-1s that Greece gave to Ukraine – They were burned with the Greek coat of arms

Russia: The Russians disappeared the Greek BMP-1s that Greece gave to Ukraine as soon as Kyiv took them and sent them to the business resort.

The Russian military immediately destroyed five Greek BMP-1s as soon as they were handed over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

The Russian cites reports from Greek media, including

According to, the destruction of the Greek BMP-1 occurred on October 28 in the Kharkiv region.

As a result of the Russian attack, in addition to the five Greek BMP-1s, 150 Ukrainian soldiers were also killed, reports state.

The BMP-1s were hit by 152mm Krasnopol rockets.

The Russians also refer to reports, according to which the Ukrainians did not even have time to paint the Greek BMP-1s in Ukrainian colors.

Let’s remember that Sportime was found in the transport of chariots from Mastichoria in Chios to Ukraine.

Greece replaced the Russian BMP-1 with the German Marder. Indeed, the Marders also appeared in the military parade of October 28 in Thessaloniki.

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