Israelis: Turkey is annoying – They should have thrown it out of NATO a long time ago

Israelis: Turkey is annoying, Israeli media point out, while according to an opinion article it should be “time to throw it out of NATO”.

According to, rising “tensions between Greece and Turkey are fueling fears of war between two members of the NATO alliance.”

The publication highlights that there is “a discernible pattern in Islamic Turkey under Erdogan, the ongoing Palestinian jihad against Israel and the war against India in Kashmir.”

“In any case, Islam has failed to hold on to these lands, and a simmering anger insists on leading to all kinds of aggression, while Muslims are treated as victims,” ​​it noted.

“Turkey should not have been in NATO in the first place, and given its disruptive presence, it should have been thrown out a long time ago,” reports, among others.

“Erdogan has repeatedly stated his goal of a revival of the Ottoman Empire. In June, he threatened Greece and warned it to “stay away from actions that will lead to regret, as was done a century ago”, it is emphasized.

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