The Israelis are putting Turkey through the “back door” in the Eastern Mediterranean

Erdogan calls for the Turkish youth to become “Jihadists” – A Turkish-Israeli defense agreement is coming at the expense of Greece, which expects the election of Netanyahu as salvation

Athens’ relations with the current Israeli leadership are in turmoil (despite the Israeli defense minister’s phone call to his Greek counterpart about Kalamata), which has made huge strides with Turkey in all areas, correcting bad relations of more than 10 years .

The most dangerous, according to information, is the preparation for a new defense agreement between Israelis and Turks, while everything seems to indicate that Israel is essentially opening the door of the Eastern Mediterranean to Turkey, following pressure from the US, in the division of hydrocarbon deposits (on the model of the Israel agreement -Lebanon), making Greece a fait accompli.

This is an extremely negative scenario for the Greek side, which had bet too much on Israel, which after the partition agreement with Lebanon, will put Turkey through the back door in the Eastern Mediterranean.

The visit of the Israeli defense minister to Turkey and the new strategic relationship

Israeli Defense Minister Benny Gantz is reportedly set to travel to Ankara on Wednesday to meet his Turkish counterpart Hulusi Akar.

This is not a simple meeting but, according to journalistic sources, the sealing of a new “strategic relationship” between Israel and Turkey, aimed at the Eastern Mediterranean and energy projects, while in the background there is the Turkish EEZ encroaching on the Greek EEZ.

After several months of rapprochement, the two countries are ready to forge closer military ties, a press source said.

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The visit comes two months after the head of the Defense Ministry’s Political and Military Relations Office, Dror Shalom, traveled to Turkey with the aim of “reopening the channels for defense ties between the countries,” the Turkish defense ministry said in a statement.

“During the meetings, the two parties agreed on the issues to be discussed by the ministers,” the statement added.

In the case of the Israeli minister, the trip will serve to discuss military cooperation, with an emphasis on new “strategic relations” between the two countries, as Erdogan has supported Azerbaijan’s sovereignty over Nagorno-Karabakh.

With this visit to Turkey, the first by an Israeli Defense Minister in more than a decade, the two countries continue to draw closer after years of tension and disagreements.

Israeli minister of economy in Turkey agreed to new collaborations with the Turks

Israel’s Minister of Economy and Industry Orna Barbivay was in Turkey yesterday for talks as relations continue to intensify between the two sides.

“The main topic of the Israeli Minister of Industry and Technology with his Turkish counterpart is about economic cooperation, especially in the field of research”, says a related announcement.

While all this is happening, the “thank you” of the Turks was a Hamas-Taliban meeting in Istanbul

Well-known Turkish journalist A. Bozkurt revealed that Taliban officials met with Hamas officials in Istanbul, in a meeting brokered by Hezbollah.

The meeting was also attended by senior imams from Palestine, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon and Eritrea.

Here it is obvious that we have meetings between extreme terrorist forces on Turkish soil, since Erdogan supports all these movements, which will soon produce “work” on the ground.

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There is information about a union of all terrorist forces in the Middle East against Israel, with Hezbollah prominent, while for this purpose all Palestinian organizations are united.

Turkey and the Erdoğan regime, supports such an effort with the aim of assuming the leadership of a pan-Islamic army against all non-religionists.

For the sake of truth to those who believe that Turkey does not literally follow the “national oath” and other Islamic-type visions, Erdogan spoke at an event in the country about young Turkish Jihadists.

At a youth conference yesterday, “the president of Turkey R.N. Erdogan urged the youth to become heroes in the jihadist field by reciting verses from Turkish poet Arif Nihat Asya, and asked them to memorize the special prayer (Dua). The radicalization of the Turkish youth is in the works”, said the Turkish journalist A. Bozkurt.

No kind of “halter” is placed on the Erdogan regime and the new Turkey, which openly desires the “old” Ottoman borders in any way. Everyone must understand this, especially the USA, but also all the countries of the Eastern Mediterranean, because Greece and Cyprus have known this very well for years.

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