Soltz in Greece: The mammoth deals and the checkmate movement of Athens

Vassilis Skoularakos

After France and the USA, Greece is approaching Germany as well – Which agreements for armament programs will be signed – Satisfaction in the Armed Forces.

His portfolio full of agreements with Greece is expected to be filled during his visit to our country by German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, who will pay an official visit to our country on October 26 and 27.

With German politics showing signs of a turnaround, with Olaf Scholz taking over as leader and Analena Berbock managing foreign affairs, Berlin appears to be pursuing a completely different policy in its relations with Greece and Turkey than its Angela Merkel, who we remind you completely covered Erdoğan’s “dirty” practices, even if they endangered E.U. and NATO.

Now the chancellery does not turn a blind eye, even taking a clear position in favor of Greece regarding the Turkish provocations, while Berlin reportedly also wants to deepen defense cooperation with the country. This is expected to be made clear by Olaf Soltz during his visit on Thursday, hoping that he will sign a series of important arms agreements with Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

We remind you that the Prime Minister had thoroughly discussed with the political and military leadership of the Greek “Pentagon”, during the last meeting of the KYSEA, the possibility of our country proceeding to conclude crucial agreements with Germany on armaments.

Who are they; Starting from the Army, Athens and Berlin are very close to finalizing the agreement for the purchase of Lynx armored combat vehicles, while the important thing is that a production line will be created in our country, specifically in northern Greece. With Berlin making the order of at least 200 Lynx a prerequisite for closing the deal, our country is reportedly willing to order 205 Lynx KF-41 TOMAs.

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At the same time, Greece and Germany are said to have already agreed to proceed immediately with the modernization of the 183 Leopard 2A4 tanks, which will evolve into the Leopard 2A7, as well as the 190 Leopard 1A5.

Our Navy certainly cannot be missing from the agreements with Germany. Given the need to immediately modernize the four HYDRA-class MEKO frigates, Athens is said to have “locked in” the decision to give the “job” to the Germans, specifically to the MEKO manufacturer itself, the German joint venture Thyssen Krupp Marine Systems – Thales Netherlands.

It is clearly a “colossus” program, which reaches 4 billion euros and includes everything: Purchase of TOMA Lynx, modernization of Leopard tanks and modernization of the four MEKO frigates.

It is obvious that after the defense agreement with France and the deepening of military cooperation with the USA, Greece is also approaching Berlin, hoping for even stronger defense cooperation with a country that maintains close ties with Turkey, but does not cease to be one of the world’s superpowers.

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