The Egyptian president gives us a nod for the 12 miles?-He stated that the demarcation with Greece brought money from the Zor field

The deal between Turkey and Libya’s Tripoli will soon lead to a dangerous crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Egyptians know it well

The Egyptian president stated the whole truth in his speech today about the enormous importance of demarcating the EEZ with Greece and Cyprus.

“The development of the Zohr natural gas field would not have taken place without the demarcation of the maritime borders with Cyprus and Greece in the Mediterranean,” said Egyptian President Al-Sisi.

It is a simple and understandable move that warns us that we must hurry to exploit every square kilometer of sea areas in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Aegean with our 12-mile extension now, because “tomorrow” may be too late.

The Turkish plan with the government of Tripoli, Libya for mining in that country’s EEZ, will bring Greece to fait accompli, so maybe our country should act before it is too late.

The Turks have planned everything and are moving at full speed against Greece

We already have a Turkish plan to dispute the planned Greek EEZ south of Crete, after the representative of the Government of National Unity of Libya, Mohamed Hamoude, stated that his country does not agree with Greece on the territorial waters of Crete.

Speaking on October 04, 2022, on the Tripoli-based February TV channel, Hamoude said that the statements against the memorandum of understanding signed between Turkey and Libya in the field of hydrocarbons stem from the lack of information and rumors and said: “The memorandum reconciliation is a mutual Libya-Turkey issue and we refuse to interfere in this matter.”

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Stressing that the memorandum of understanding will provide significant opportunities in terms of Libya’s potential in the energy sector, Hamoude said that “Libya does not agree with Greece on territorial waters in Crete and there are some issues of disagreement.”

The attitude of the pro-Turkish government of Tripoli in Libya, however, is a “bomb” against the Greek EEZ, since it raises the issue of sovereignty in Athens, while it has signed an agreement with Turkey.

Turkey will probably act as a guarantor of the Libyan EEZ, and we may have serious developments in the near future.

Turkish anomaly plan in the Eastern Mediterranean centered on Crete?

Ankara is expected to increase the tension in the next period with the Libyan government on its side, and all possibilities will be open.

Turkey is preparing to challenge our country probably south of Crete, and the Egyptians know this well, who do not want the Turks at their feet.

That is why they are preparing to implement their own plans in the Eastern Mediterranean and in possible cooperation with the Greek side, for their own interests, which coincide with the Greek ones.

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