“Shield” to the Turkish threats with “super weapons”: The time of the “killer” Spike Nlos missiles – Apache helicopters – Gunships and Mark V

The “gordian knot” of red tape is finally cut and the time for signatures arrives for Israel’s “killer” SpikeNlos guided missiles. According to information from Newpost, the relevant Executives of the General Directorate of Defense Equipment and Investments in cooperation with the GES Staff, the manufacturer Rafael and the Israeli authorities managed to overcome all the obstacles and reach the final text of the contract.

Kostas Sarikas

The fact that this is an interstate agreement with a country with which Greece maintains excellent relations but in terms of armaments has not entered into relevant contracts created obstacles that delayed the process. And while the acquisition of Israeli super-weapons had been discussed in the relevant parliamentary committee and approved since October, the contracting encountered a series of problems that delayed the implementation of the important arms agreement. But everything has now taken its course and by the end of this year the signatures are expected to “fall” in order to “run” the big deal. After the last details concerning mainly support issues have already been settled.

As Newpost has revealed, the total cost of the program reaches 370 million euros and is divided into three sub-programmes. With the Spike Nlos systems that will be deployed on the islands and Evros ranging at 2700, 45 million euros will cost the missiles for the Apache attack helicopters and 55 million euros for those intended for the “FIGHTER” class gunboats and the MARK Unorthodox Warships V of the Navy’s Submarine Disaster Unit.

The Spike Nlos guided missiles, as estimated by GES officers who have the same opinion about the Israeli “supership” will increase the operational capabilities of the units that defend the land borders in Evros, but mainly they will be the “long arm” of the guards on the acre islands of Aegean. Since they will have the ability to target and hit targets at sea with absolute precision, while they will also be a nightmare for enemy helicopters that will try to approach them. Either to cover with fire an amphibious or airborne force or to land commandos to create an air bridgehead.

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At the same time, the addition of Spike Nlos guided missiles to a number of Apache attack helicopters, a move in which the Israeli Armed Forces have already progressed, increases firepower but above all the ability to attack with impressive precision targets on the ground and at sea, such as landing craft or even larger Area Units over long distances.

While the placement of Spike Nlos on the Fleet’s gunboats drastically changes their role since now, in addition to the cannon, they will also have guided missiles, making them much more reliable Units that will help in the defense of the islands. But where the Israeli missiles will cause fear and terror will be on the Mark V Unorthodox Warfare Vessels which travel at speeds in excess of 50 mph, turning them into a nightmare for coastal targets in amphibious assault operations. In any case, they are characterized as a power multiplier and a weapon system ideal for the Greek relief which will be the tip of the spear for deterrence as well as strike missions.

With a range of up to 35 kilometers, each Spike Nlos missile has the ability to “lock on” and destroy targets with high precision such as landing craft but also larger ships, transport helicopters carrying commandos, attack helicopters and even special operations vessels. The speed and flexibility of the system make Spike Nlos an extremely difficult target since the vehicles can constantly change positions and proceed to fire without the slightest delay.

The agreement provides for the acquisition of a total of 27 Spike Nlos systems, each of which consists of three vehicles as well as drones for surveillance, reconnaissance and targeting. It includes the vehicle with the launchers, Fire Control and Direction vehicle and the radar system. The Spike Nlos will be the responsibility of the Anti-Tank Companies of the Units, while their operators will be permanent Executives, mainly EPOP, who will be trained and specialized on the powerful Israeli system.

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