Greek professor shocks the Turks: The Crete field will provide Greek natural gas to Europe for millions of years

The Greek professor Antonis Foskolos, who claims that the Crete field is capable of supplying Greek natural gas to Europe for millions of years, shocks the Turks.

The professor emeritus of the Technical University of Crete and researcher emeritus of the Geological Survey of Canada spoke to Lambros Kalarritis and the show “We the Greeks”, on the radio of the Parapolitics, where he argued that the natural gas field in Crete is capable of producing huge quantities of natural gas, the which can feed Europe without… end.

Specifically, Mr. Foskolos spoke of “perpetual natural gas coming out from under Crete”. “It’s not going to stop,” he added.

The Greek professor declared his firm belief, as he characteristically said, that it is a quantity of 16 trillion. cubic meters.

West of Elafonisi, the target the Americans are chasing is five times bigger than Zor, noted Antonis Foskolos.

According to the Greek professor, the news for Greece is very good, which is why Turkey is reacting to this prospect with the polemic of recent years.

“Believe me that Greece will reach the 2nd Golden Age. I won’t get ahead of it, you will get ahead of it”, he underlined.

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