North and South Korea exchange warning shots

Armed forces in South Korea fired warning shots to attract the attention of the crew of a North Korean merchant ship on Monday morning after they judged it had violated the two countries’ de facto maritime border in the Yellow Sea, an area claimed by Seoul and Pyongyang, the South Korean media reported. South Korean national news agency Yonhap.

The North Korean cargo ship reportedly crossed the so-called Northern Boundary Line near Bengyeong Island at 03:42 (local time), then, after warning shots by the South Korean Navy, moved north, the national defense general staff in Seoul said. , according to Yonap.

According to the same source, North Korea claimed that a South Korean warship crossed the imaginary line of the maritime border and the North Korean military opened fire as a warning 10 times with a multiple rocket launcher.

The purpose was to remove the “enemy vessel”, according to a statement by a spokesman for the authorities carried by the North Korean news agency KCNA.


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