Army officer accused of sexually assaulting 15-year-old boxer

The punches, the complaint and the arrest

He allegedly approached him on the bench, showed him nude photos and tried to subdue him – Instant reaction of the underage boxer

According to, an Army officer was arrested by the police on Friday night in the Northern Suburbs, on the charge of “insulting sexual dignity”.

According to police sources, the 38-year-old officer allegedly approached a minor who was sitting on a bench, to whom he showed half-naked photos, and then tried to restrain him.

But he found the teacher, as the 15-year-old is a boxing athlete, he reacted like lightning and before the 38-year-old could touch him, he punched him and pushed him away. The officer left the scene, as did the minor who went to practice at the sports club a short distance away. Residents of the area who saw the incident, informed the Immediate Action.

On 17th of November Street in Holargos, DI police officers arrived. AS and Direct Action. From the descriptions given to them by the eyewitnesses, they first located the officer and brought him to the local department, and then they also found the 15-year-old boxer.

Accompanied by police officers, the minor went to the police station of Cholargo, where he described the sexual assault he received and recognized the perpetrator who molested him. The officer was arrested, the Military Police was informed, he was taken to the Military Court yesterday, and according to the latest information he was released.

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