NATO may officially become involved in the Ukrainian conflict

The scale of NATO’s involvement in the Ukrainian conflict is steadily increasing. There is a risk of immediate intervention and the reason for the deployment of troops has already been announced, military historian Yuri Knutov said in an interview with the Tsargrad TV channel.

According to the expert, there are officials among the British and American military who share the views expressed by officer Paul Carney. On August 20, Paul Carney was reported to have said that British soldiers should prepare their families for the possibility of being sent to Ukraine to fight Russia. He also urged his colleagues to prepare relatives “for an imminent departure to Ukraine.”

The United States is discussing an opportunity to send ground troops and the Air Force to Ukraine. This shows that NATO is increasingly involved in the conflict in Ukraine.

The situation may escalate to the point where NATO becomes directly involved in the hostilities.

“So far, it is the Armed Forces of Ukraine that are playing the role of cannon fodder. Unfortunately, the NATO army will join, now officially. They said that Russia would be blamed for a possible disaster at the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant, and NATO would use this opportunity to get directly involved in the military conflict,” the historian believes.

According to the expert, Germany, France and Italy will oppose NATO’s participation in the conflict.

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