The residents of Evros longed for it – the streets were full of trucks with tanks

Evros: The residents of the area were understandably worried when they saw the trucks with tanks.

Citizens in Evros were worried, with what has been heard in the last few days, from the trucks with tanks that were circulating on the prefecture’s road network.

At noon yesterday, the vertical axis of Ardanio-Ormenio, in Evros, was filled with trucks carrying armored tanks and other military vehicles from Alexandroupolis to the border.

Anyone traveling on the Alexandroupolis-Greek-Bulgarian border highway would regularly encounter large trucks loaded with armored vehicles, crawlers or special self-propelled vehicles, as you can see in the video, on the route from Didymoteicho to Soufli.

Several citizens wondered and tried to explain what exactly is happening, or were worried by what is being heard and written in the last few days about Turkey’s provocations and the KYSEA meeting.

The specific military vehicles, however, belong to the Italian armed forces that belong to NATO, they were unloaded three days ago at the port of Alexandroupoli from an Italian ferry and are being transported by special trucks to countries in the Balkans and the Baltic, where there are Italian military forces.

Watch the video:

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