“Kayı”- The new ammunition of the Turkish UAVs- Protection measures of Greek micro-islands

Kayı ammunition has a range of 25 kilometers

Kayı, is the new weapon system that can be used on various manned/unmanned aerial platforms of the Turkish defense industry.

TÜBİTAK SAGE, for the first time presented the new Kayı weapon system, which can be used on a wide variety of manned/unmanned aerial platforms with its features and product range, in the category of free-fall ammunition.

The real-time fire control unit integrated in the multi-aircraft system within the weapon system has been developed to support the attack with more than one munition.

The Kayi 30, a member of the Kayi Guided Miniature Munitions family, weighs 30kg and is 100cm long. Kayı 50 weighs 50 kg and is 130 cm long.

TÜBİTAK SAGE Institute Director Gürcan Okumuş said that while UAVs are being developed, the expansion of the family of munitions under them has gained importance.

“These munitions can be used on UAVs, but next time, for example, they can be transferred to multiple units at the closed domestic station of the National Fighter. In other words, we shouldn’t just see it as UAV munitions. These can be used strategically on any platform,” he said.

Protection measures for micro-islands

Turkey by carrying out continuous UAV overflights, day and night in Kandeleoussa and Kinaro, shows its intentions-preferences, in micro-islands-rock islands, focusing on an imaginary rectangle that extends from the peninsula of Knidus (Datsa)-Nisyrou-Kandeleoussa Trianisia-Syrna -Little and Big Brother- East of Astypalaia- Kinaros-Mavra-Lebitha-Lipsoi-Arkioi-Agathonisi -Didym on the coast of Asia Minor.

Kos-Pserimos-Farmakonissi-Kalolimnos-IMIA-Farmakonissi and Agathonissi are the closest islands to the Asia Minor coast in this rectangle we mentioned above, with Kalymnos-Leros and Patmos enclosed in it.

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In an article of the Pentateuch, he pointed out that our islets-islets should be covered-protected by multiple means and ways.

Increased means of sea surface and air surveillance (major island radars, UAVs, USVs, navy ships, Special Forces ships, naval cooperation aircraft, port vessels, etc.) but also by means of underwater surveillance to avoid underwater SAT penetration, in which they delve especially the Turks.

Unified anti-aircraft defense, with overlapping long- and medium-range anti-aircraft protection from adjacent main island and MANPADS from the micro-island garrison.

Strengthening the garrisons of our micro-islands in the Aegean, with additional anti-tank and portable anti-aircraft weapons (MANPADS) and overlaying their air defense in addition to the above and with an anti-drone system.

In particular, MANPADS are necessary together with the anti-drone system, to shoot down Turkish UAVs and attack and transport helicopters, which we expect Turkey to use mostly in its attack phase, but also in combination with PEP and electronic warfare systems, for example Koral, who will have settled on the coast of Asia Minor.

Promotion of М1117АСV GUARDIAN armored vehicles to Independent Micro-Island Subunits, which are suitable for eliminating air bridges.

Ability to provide artillery fire support from a neighboring island, navy or air force, as well as the availability of means on our main islands (helicopters, inflatable boats) to transfer reinforcements from island to island if necessary, especially man-portable anti-aircraft (MANPADS) and anti-tank weapons.

Therefore, the existence of reliable and secure communications of the above involved with the garrison of the micro-island is of great importance.

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Finally, our National Guardsmen, who know perfectly the last fold of the ground and the last cove, are a very important aspect of the defense of our micro-islands, fighting for “altars and hearths”.

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