Haftar is preparing a big “trick” for Erdogan! How will he block all the oil wells and the EEZ to the Turks

The Egyptian foreign minister is furious with Turkey and the government in Tripoli-By diplomatic means alone we will not win the battle of Libya as Greece-An attack by the forces of Eastern Libya on Tripoli is being prepared-France and Egypt are helping in this plan

Marshal Haftar is threatening to block all oil wells in territories controlled by his forces, including the EEZ in Eastern Libya, in order to prevent the Turks from taking advantage of the illegal deal with the Tripoli government.

“There are serious indications in recent days, such as unrest in Fezzan, near where the Sharara and El Feel hydrocarbon fields are located, and Haftar’s announcement during a military parade in Sebha on October 17, of a possible offensive against Tripoli , while he himself, at the urging of Al-Sisi, wants to block any movement of the Turks in his country’s EEZ, reports Libyan media.

French media report that Haftar’s ally, Egypt, is pressuring him to take action against the illegal energy agreement concluded between Tripoli and Turkey, with which the Turks want to initially get a “foothold” in the country, while they also want to provoke Greece in any way south of Crete, allegedly acting on behalf of Libya.

Egypt’s Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry denounced the lack of decisive action regarding the withdrawal of foreign forces from Libya.

Shoukry told Al-Arabiya television that “the situation in Libya is complicated because some Libyan parties are clinging to power.”

He also asked Tripoli to “respect the Libyan parliament and its decision to form a new government, headed by Fathi Bashaga.”

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He stressed that “there has been no change from the Turkish side in the development of relations between Cairo and Ankara.” Specifically, Shoukry said that the “outgoing” Government of National Unity (GNU) of Libya “has no legitimacy since December 24 and has no right to sign international agreements.”

Big background inside Libya on hydrocarbons and Turkey

“As the head of the energy board, GNU Prime Minister Abdul Hamid Dbeibah seemingly has the upper hand on all oil matters.

He himself wants to weaken the position of the oil minister, Mohamed Aoun, and the president of the NOC in every way,” reports the same media, but here Haftar will intervene at the urging of Egypt to spoil all Turkish plans.

A Turkish expert said that “a new blockade on the oil fields could seriously jeopardize Haftar’s finances and thus his ability to lead his forces.”

But the opposite will happen since the Libyan Marshal himself knows that if the Turks, through the government of Tripoli, get their hands on the fields, and implement the Turkey-Libya agreement, the Eastern side of the country will deteriorate vertically and in a short time will follow the developments .

What should be Greece’s attitude towards Marshal Haftar?

The Haftar regime will come into direct conflict with Turkey in the next period, with the help of Egypt, France, and here we as Greece must also help to cancel every Turkish plan in the area of ​​the Libyan EEZ.

With diplomatic means exclusively we do not win the battle of Libya as Greece, and we must understand this, and help Marshal Haftar, now that he really needs us.

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We can think what would happen if we were in the position of the Libyan Marshal, and the Turks threatened through an illegal agreement to take all the energy wealth of the country.

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