Important development: Belh@rra – The first crew is being prepared for France

Exactly one year from now, in the summer of 2023, the first operational “core” of Belh@rra HN will already be at the Lorient shipyard for intensive training on board the new Navy ship.

The captain of the first FDI HN together with five-six naval officers, will have to go through almost what the pilots of the 332 Squadron, who returned to Greece with the first Rafale F3Rs, experienced.

At the desks, simulators and FDI of the Marine Nationale, the operational core of the Navy will learn everything necessary for the subsequent course of the Hellenic Belh@rra. In addition to the Lorient echelon that has already been installed there, consisting of Marines and Engineers of the Navy and is in charge of the work progress of the Greek ships, along the way the “cores” will multiply…

On August 13, we revealed on our page that in the naval Staff during the analysis-presentation of the data on the work progress of the first FDI HN, one of the issues that the Staff insisted on was the timely crystallization of who will be the executives who they will man the new frigate.

And this because, according to information, the crew should not lose training time, at a time when, as explained by military sources, the new ship even requires new specialties for the NCOs.

The same sources explain epigrammatically that network technicians are one of the specialties that will play a pivotal role in the modern tactical field as everything depends on network-centric operations and the ship’s ability to do so. And such similar electronics-related specialties will be in demand in the Navy, because all ships from now on will operate by exchanging data with other means of the Armed Forces.

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Of course, we cannot omit something that we have touched on from time to time in our reports, that is, the shortage that exists at the moment, which is indeed being dealt with through recruitment with EPOP & OBA, but the big question mark of what is happening through the productive schools remains and concerns…

Highly operational crews, the power multiplier…

For these and other reasons of naval tactics, the training of the crew of the first Belh@rra cannot wait for her arrival at the Salamis Naval Station and it has been deemed necessary to depart from France.

After all, the leadership of the Navy has proven from the first moment that it assumed its duties, that it wants the crews not to stop training in any form of war and to be constantly ready. This is achieved both through the annual planning of the exercises, through dozens of joint trainings with units from navies of other countries sailing in the Aegean and the Mediterranean, as well as through operational readiness and deterrence against Turkish challenges.

During the presentation and analysis of the data to the Naval Staff, the need was noted for the core of executives who will learn all the secrets of Belh@rra to grow, especially those who are going to operate critical consoles with air defense systems, weapons, sonar, etc. , to go through the simulators located in France, so that familiarization is such that with the arrival of the first frigate, it can be considered an operational unit of the fleet in a very short time.

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And of course, based on the contract, the simulators, Combat Information Center and machines that will be set up at the Salamis Naval Station will also be an important help for the training of the executives, which, however, follow the initial basic and demanding training that the “cores” will undergo .

Images of the new frigate, French and Greek, chosen by the Navy have been making the rounds on the internet for some time now, impressing mainly with the pace of work that is in full swing at the Lorient shipyard in Brittany.

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