Evros: The fence is being extended – The circuits are ruthless

The old fence was rebuilt. It consists of a strong metal railing (steel) of 5 meters, and state-of-the-art cameras were installed.

Greece is not an unripe vine, but Turkey is not a war zone either,” said Immigration Minister Notis Mitarakis, announcing the extension of the fence to the Evros. The relevant study is being completed, so that a tender can be announced and according to information, the fence is expected to reach as far as the area of ​​Soufli.

As for the already existing part of the fence, it covers so far 37.5 kilometers, out of the total 190 kilometers of the Greek border.

It extends along the Greek-Turkish border in Kastanies (12.5km), but also in Feres.

The old fence was rebuilt. It consists of a strong metal railing (steel) of 5 meters, and state-of-the-art cameras were installed.

The remaining kilometers are monitored by a camera system that gives an image to the operation centers in Evros, while Special teams of border guards also use drones in difficult places to locate immigrants and traffickers.

“Because the old tactic of crossing the Evros and reaching the Aegean islands no longer works for the smugglers who, thanks to the fence on the Evros, the Greek Police and the excellent work done by the coast guard at sea, have tried to create two new roads, said Notis Mitarakis.

The patrols of the border guards and the Army are being strengthened as the attempts of the traffickers are now known:

from Turkey –> Bulgaria –> Rhodope Mountains –> Komotini

Another route is inside, from Bulgaria –> Skopje –> Idomeni

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While regarding the trafficking of Indian immigrants, they arrive by air through Serbia -> the Balkans and from there through the Greek-Skopian or Greek-Alavnian border, they move towards Greece.

“Now the rings have become ruthless, in the last year they no longer stop at the police roadblocks, even if we follow them,” said

President of the Border Guards of Greece Panagiotis Harelas.
Alternative routes by sea are considered to be the following:

From the port of Marmaris opposite Rhodes, they attempt to pass south of Crete (it is considered a dangerous journey) but mainly north of the island with destination Italy

From the port of Halicarnassus (Bodrum) -> opposite Kos and again through Crete they try to reach Italy

Either they pass through Samos – Lesbos – Chios in the direction of Cycladic islands in order to take advantage of the presence of dozens of sailboats and not be noticed

In the meantime, the decision to permanently close the hospitality structure of Eleonas caused tension with immigrants and solidarity. 6 arrests have already been made.

In the structure, which has been operating for 7 consecutive years, 650 people remain at the moment, with the prospect of leaving within the next few weeks.

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