How the Rafale will make precision strikes deep in Turkey

The utility of the F-35 for the strategic strikes of the Rafale.

How will the Rafale strike the SCALPs 500km deep into Turkey if necessary?

Greece’s new French fighters have strategic strike capabilities with their SCALP missiles.

What is important to mention is that Greece, with the combination of the Rafale (s.s. it has) and the F-35 (s.s. it will get) will have the ability to attempt precise strikes inside the Turkish inland.

Stealth F-35s will send coordinates to the Rafale which will hit with the SCALP targets hidden by the Turks.

It is noted that no Turkish radar (except perhaps the S-400) can detect the F-35.

Thus, an invisible Greek F-35 will be able to map targets for the Greek Rafale and SCALPs.

An extreme scenario is that the Greeks also receive satellite data from the French and Israelis.

At the same time, as it became known from Israeli sources, the Israeli anti-drone system placed on the Greek islands will resemble the Drone Dome used by Israel.

According to an analysis by the Jewish Institute for National Security of America (JINSA), the system will be able to interfere with the frequencies of Turkish drones (small and large) and prevent them from completing their mission.

The Israelis attach great importance to the Greek Drone Dome, which will provide protection at a distance of 3.22 km from the Greek islands, interfering with the communications of the Turkish drones and their GPS.

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