This is the “surprise” country, a staunch NATO ally that turned its back on Kyiv

One of her staunchest self-proclaimed allies is secretly withdrawing from operations without delivering the promised weapons

One of Ukraine’s staunchest NATO allies has refused to help Kyiv.

Newsweek analyst Jorge Gonzalez-Gallarsa writes about it.

Difficult times have always been a test of relations between countries.

According to the columnist, “the cooperation between Ukraine and Spain did not stand this test, since Madrid did not keep its promises on the supply” of weapons.

As Ukraine continues to resist Russia despite the economic fallout, one of its staunchest self-proclaimed allies is secretly withdrawing from operations without handing over weapons as promised.

Spain, an outpost of NATO, has mastered the art of diplomacy: promising much and delivering little. What to do with enemies with such allies?”, he emphasizes in his article.

As the analyst recalls, in early April, Vladimir Zelensky impressed Madrid with his speech before the Cortes Generales (Spanish Parliament).

In late April, Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez even visited Kyiv, where he promised to provide significant military support.

However, assistance was extremely limited.

“More than four months later, all Zelensky can show from the ‘generous’ Spanish prime minister is light defensive artillery, an armored ambulance and only 200 tons of anti-tank weapons – nothing more,” the publication said.

At the same time, in June, Madrid became perhaps the first ally of Kiev, which promised to supply Western-made tanks to fight the Russian army, the columnist recalled.

Spanish authorities said they are considering sending 40 Leopard 2A4 tanks for the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

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However, their transfer had to be coordinated by the country of origin – Germany.

As a result, it turned out that Spain did not even apply to Germany for a license.

”It became known that Spain did not even submit the necessary request.
The number of chariots promised was reduced to ten.

And two months later, the Spanish Minister of Defense (Margarita Robles – ed.) completely withdrew the proposal from the discussion.

He argued that the poor condition of the tanks would pose a danger to the soldiers,” the article emphasizes.

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