Here we go again! Cavusoglu: We do all kinds of preparations, and one night suddenly

At night, the day sees the crooks and laughs!

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu spoke to TV100 and brought back the…evening concerns of the Turks.

The main points from Minister Cavusoglu’s statements are as follows:

-Terrorist organizations still exist in Iraq. Daesh controlled most of the country. With our support, it is no longer strong in both Syria and Iraq.

-The Iraqi government cannot manage an effective fight against terrorist organizations. This is the reason for the challenges against us.

-We respect the territorial integrity of Iraq.
-The US is not sincere in the fight against terrorism.

-As far as Syria is concerned, both the US and Russia have not kept their promises to us.

-Terrorism still exists in Syria.
-There is no difference between PKK-PYD-PJAK.

-(On the message of military action in Syria) We are making all kinds of preparations, one night suddenly…Turkey is making all kinds of preparations. This has now become the motto. As our President said, suddenly one night., he mentioned referring to the same phrase they said about our country. But the night sees the day and laughs!

-(On the condolence message to the Kurds from the USA) This message is unacceptable.

-We fight for the effectiveness of the UN.

-Russia and the US did not keep their promises. Both are going to clear these terrorists from these areas. They don’t intervene at all, they patrol with the Russians in some areas and in many places, especially in the northeast, the US continues its military support.

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-Why did the US invade Iraq? Why did NATO enter Afghanistan? You will say, “There are terrorists in Iraq, there are nuclear weapons,” but you will stand by me, against the fight against the terrorist organization that is attacking me, my soldier, my citizen, the Syrians, and against the fight of your ally. These are the reasons to withdraw from there. They are not sincere in the fight against terrorism.

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