The EU has approved €95 million in funding for the next phase of the FAMOUS armored vehicle development program, in which Greece also participates

The European Union announced that on July 20 it approved €95 million in funding for the next phase of the FAMOUS (European Future Highly Mobile Augmented Armored Systems) program to develop new armored vehicles.

Nine (9) countries and 18 companies participate in the program, while Finland, through Patria, is the coordinating country. The second phase of the program (FAMOUS 2) aims to develop structural parts for use in the next generation of armored vehicles, but also as a proposal to upgrade in-service armored vehicles and tanks.

The first phase of the program was funded with €9 million and concerns the drafting of a study on issues of hybrid propulsion, energy supply and storage, tactical situational awareness, robotic technology, integrated command and control solutions, armament and support.

FAMOUS phase 2 will start in 2023, end in 2026 and focus on vehicle architecture, design, development, manufacturing and testing of prototypes.

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