Greek-Turkish – Turkish analyst “slams” Erdogan: “Most of what he does is propaganda!”

The Turkish political analyst Yavuz Baydar spoke to a Greek channel and emphasized that Erdogan’s aggressive policy is done more for the sake of impressions

Greek-Turkish: A political analyst in Turkey describes Erdogan as a “dog that pulls out, but does not bite”.

In particular, the Turkish political analyst, Yavuz Baydar speaking to OPEN, estimates that the Turkish president? he is trying to maintain a controlled tension between Greece and Turkey, but without really having the purpose and courage to carry out his threats.

However, he emphasizes that the risk of a wrong move carries risks every day in the Aegean for an Imia-type “hot episode” incident!

We have informed you that for now Erdogan is holding back on his provocations with the drilling rig Abdul Hamit Khan for specific reasons, but also that he is “setting traps” in Greece, waging a war of nerves.

Greek-Turkish: “Most of it is propaganda – There is a risk of a wrong move”

The Turkish analyst, Mr. Maidar, confirmed the above by saying characteristically: “The tension is already quite high, the dialogue between the two countries has stopped. This means that we are in an open crisis period between the two countries. In the meantime, the overflights continue (on the Turkish side, that is) and the Greek side is on guard.”

They continue, he referred to the tactics of the two countries, but estimated that Erdogan is doing more propaganda: “If there was a strategy to escalate the conflict to the level of war then this does not seem like it will be easy. This would trigger a chain reaction and many countries, the EU, NATO, would mobilize. Most of what they do is propaganda. Erdogan is the symbol of power in Ankara’s architectural power. It controls all military movements outside the borders like in Syria, especially in Greece.”

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And he concluded by saying: “There is a risk – without any strategy – of a wrong move, like the crisis in Imia.”

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