The war in Ukraine brings the “mutated” Greek infantry to our islands with special equipment

The new equipment of the Greek infantry with floating ammunition-drones-communication systems will give us a huge advantage in any possible crisis with the “neighbors” on our islands

The developments and protracted nature of the war in Ukraine bring, as it does in these cases, rapid changes, with new methods of combat and equipment in the armed forces of many countries.

New techniques and new methods emerge from a cruel and merciless war between a superpower (Russia) and a smaller country like Ukraine, which of course has the undivided military assistance of the West, and we must point this out, since otherwise we will the entire country was overrun in a few weeks.

The early lessons of this war bring to the fore again the “forgotten” and neglected Greek infantry, which, as everything shows, will be upgraded in terms of its capabilities immediately.

The new doctrine in Ukraine calls for “infantrymen” to operate in small groups along the lines of tank destroyers, command posts, supply corridors and missile arrays.

Adapted all these to our islands, they will almost certainly bring changes, in combination with the new weapon systems (floating ammunition-drones-communication systems and TOMA).

Leaders in this new doctrine that they are preparing are the Israelis, who are creating a new type of (let us use the expression) infantry-“terminator”, who, acting in small groups equipped with modern weapons, will be able to cause irreparable damage, for example, in the landing of enemy (Turkish) forces on our islands, which the Turks clearly have in their sights (statements by Akar and other Turkish officials).

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It is about the creation of small groups of infantry, (4-6 people) which equipped with floating munitions-drones-communication systems-portable anti-aircraft systems, and reinforced rifles, will not only be able to inflict blows in every attempt to land enemy forces, but will they also guide helicopter-aircraft attacks to the target, timely and above all deadly effectively.

This elite force in our islands, will patrol in hard-to-reach places near uninhabitable coasts, possible air-landing points, being in full readiness to shoot down and neutralize any possible enemy effort at its inception.

The traditional nature of the Greek fighter with this method will find again an old way of acting, which goes back to the time of the Greek revolution, with the infamous “chosies” (traps) against the Ottoman forces.

A necessary condition to implement this doctrine of war, is the immediate equipping with modern material of the members of these forces, who will be trained with an orientation towards the destruction of the enemy’s aerial and naval means, in combination with the guidance of the reinforcements at the points of attack on the islands us, in a period of war crisis especially with those opposite.

The Turks, according to the PENTAPOSTAGMA, we note that they have been training their elite forces, (SAT-SAS) for a long time, in landings in unguarded and precipitous places on our islands, and we must take this into serious consideration.

In this context, during this time we have heard a lot about the withdrawal of the TOMA BMP-1, with truly outrageous opinions about a vehicle that has eaten its “bread”, and is more of a problem than a solution to any possible Greek-Turkish conflict.

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The Russian TOMAs are outdated with many problems, while the firing capabilities of their cannon are questionable according to expert testimony in the Greek press.

In a crisis, Greek infantrymen want armored fighting vehicles that will make a difference, not cause trouble.

Without spin and with knowledge of the peculiarities and needs of our islands, we would say that the new American M-1117 wheeled armored vehicles under delivery are a very suitable solution.

We are talking about wheeled vehicles that move very fast, (a basic requirement for eliminating bridging on the islands), have the ability to transport infantry soldiers and cover every operation with automatic weapons fire.

Here we will emphasize that any lot of M-1117, we decide to send to ASDEN’s area of ​​responsibility, we will have to equip it with additional armament, such as a 20 mm gun, anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems with the help of the Greek defense industry, to be able to repel any possible hostile action of the “neighbors”.

The bottom line is that everything is changing after the terrible crisis in Ukraine, while the Turks have lost their temper and even threatened us with a landing on our islands, in a way that is probably reminiscent of the provocations of the Italians before 1940.

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