Greek-Turkish: Turkey wants to destroy Greek tanks and ships with Turkish stray ammunition

Greek-Turkish: Turkey wants to destroy Greek tanks and ships with the Turkish ALPAGUT munitions.

ALPAGUT can operate day and night, “against mobile or fixed land and sea targets, radar and communication systems, lightly armored land or sea vehicles and critical installations such as command and personnel centers.

The Turkish ALPAGUTs will have an operational radius of 60 kilometers and will be able to attack in a swarm.

After the system is fired, it will “perform target detection, tracking and evaluation activities, destroying them ‘autonomously with user approval,'” notes

At the same time, Greece is developing its first drone in response to Turkey’s Bayraktar, reports a report by a European center that promotes the interoperability of ground forces through the harmonization of military concepts, doctrines and procedures.

“Soon the multi-purpose drone Archytas will dominate the Greek skies,” states the article by Vincent Sapou.

“As geopolitical friction with Turkey has reached a critical juncture in the Aegean, Greek defense and security officials have welcomed the development of the Archytas prototype with great enthusiasm in view of the threat posed by the Bayraktar TB2,” it noted.

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