Greek-Turkish: The dates that Greece should pay attention to – What Erdogan is planning

Although, for now, the Turkish drilling rig remains in the Turkish EEZ, there are “fire” dates that Greece should be on the lookout for.

Greek-Turkish: For the time being, the drilling rig that Turkey took out into the seas remains within the Turkish continental shelf, with Erdogan acting as if it is holding back. But there are some dates that Greece should watch out for the possibility of a “hot episode”.

Throughout the previous period, Erdogan and his staff indulged in provocative “crowns” around the “journey” of the state-of-the-art Turkish drilling rig, threatening that it would violate Turkish and Greek EEZs.

Finally, when the time came for the “Abdul Hamit Khan” to sail, the Turkish president dropped the tone as he announced that he will remain within the Turkish continental shelf. At least in the foreground.

We recall that the drilling rig sailed from the port of Mersina on August 9 with Erdogan announcing its deployment in an area 29 nautical miles (about 55 kilometers) from Gazibasa. Essentially on the borders of the Gulf of Antalya, within the Turkish continental shelf. Based on the NAVTEX that was communicated almost immediately (770/22) the “Abdul Hamid Khan” will move in this area until October 7, 2022, so until then Greece will be able to feel more “relaxed”.

According to a Turkish political analyst, most of what Erdogan does is propaganda, however there are some dates which according to experts our country should pay attention to and actually be on alert.

Greek-Turkish: What are the dates when Turkey is likely to cause a “hot episode”

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For now, Erdogan wants the support of the West and especially the USA, which has stood in favor of Greece. After all, Turkey needs the F-16s for its insufficient air force, after the reinforcement of the Greek air force with the powerful Rafales we got from France. Also the Turkish president probably wants the SAMP/T anti-missile system and for that he needs the agreement of the French. This is exactly why Turkey is afraid to pull the rope to the extremes vis-à-vis the West.

The second date that Greece should pay attention to is the mid-term elections in America, next November. Then Turkey is likely to take out “Abdul Hamid Khan” again, this time actually sending it to the Cypriot EEZ, which it threatened to “invade” now.

Finally there are before us and the Turkish elections expected to take place in May 2023 are also an important stage. Then Erdogan who has “invested” in expansionary foreign policy is likely to provoke again. It is not excluded that he will implement the Turkish-Libyan memorandum and of course try to “touch” sensitive critical areas of Greece, such as Kastellorizo.

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