German submarines in Turkey will change the balance in the Southern Mediterranean

The issue of the supply of German submarines to Turkey was raised by his German counterpart, Birbok, Nikos Dendias. “German submarines in Turkey threaten the balance in the Eastern Mediterranean,” he said at the press conference, stressing that Ankara is a country that, although an ally, violates sovereignty and has declared a casus belli.

“Turkey is a country that illegally owns the territory of an EU member state, Cyprus,” added the Greek Foreign Minister, adding that although Greece has the same submarines “but it does not threaten any of its neighbors. It is not a revisionary force.”

“I am positive that in Germany there are positions for the opinion I expressed”, concluded Dendias.

According to a tweet by the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the meeting between the two counterparts included “constructive discussions on Greek-German relations, developments in the Eastern Mediterranean, the Cyprus issue, Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Western Balkans, the Middle East and energy”


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