Greek-Turkish: This is how Turkey will try to surprise Greece

Greek-Turkish: This is how Turkey will try to surprise Greece with drone ships near the Turkish drilling rig in the Eastern Mediterranean?

Turkey intends to take out together with the Turkish research vessels and ULAQ drones. In fact, relevant statements were recently made by Turkish officials.

Turkish Armed Unmanned Maritime Vehicles (SİDA) are considered operationally ready.

The ships in question have a range of 400 km, a sailing speed of 65 km per hour, are armed with the Turkish L-UMTAS missile (with a range of 8 km) and can AND engage in electronic warfare.

The Turks may attempt a communication show with the presence of the Turkish ULAQ near the Turkish drilling rig, since there are not a few who believe that Ankara will find a first-class opportunity to appear as a superpower in the field of drones.

A source close to the subject with whom spoke told us that the Turks are capable of taking them on… shoulders, as long as they show that they have the upper hand in the field of drones and at sea.

The feeling is that the presence of Turkish drones and UAVs will be particularly intense at the beginning of August, in the area where the Turkish drilling rig is present, with the Turks wanting to convey the message that they are now in the new era.


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