General Frankos: Sooner or later at some point Turkey will acquire and modernize F-16s – What did he say about the hot episode

The Honorary GES Chief General Fr. Frankos referred to the Greek-Turkish language and also to the crash of the Antonov aircraft.

emphasized Mr. Fragoulis Fragos, Honorary Chief of the GES, General e.a. and former YETHA, speaking on the show “Savvatokyriako Parea” on SKAI.

In particular, he stated that the Department of the Special Interbranch Nuclear-Biological-Chemical Defense Company of the GHETHA is responsible for the assessment of the dangerousness of the transported cargo and assessed that there is no reason for concern from the local population.

This particular company is highly trained and equipped, while it was formed during the Olympic Games, to deal with similar situations.

He commented on Erdoğan’s move to ask Macron for maximum cooperation in order for Turkey to procure the SAMP-T anti-aircraft system, which is being built by an Italian-French consortium, saying that Erdoğan is “bargaining” to win the consent of the French by carrying as he stated “black bags” in order to discuss..

Regarding Erdogan’s meeting in Tehran with Russia and Iran, he pointed out that he is meeting with powers that oppose NATO and the EU. and melts corners with the play of the connecting link.

This fact, however, has also created problems for him such as credibility with allies and he cited the example of the upvoting in the House of Representatives of the amendment, which prohibits the sale of F-16 fighter aircraft to Turkey and also blocks plans for the modernization of the F-16 which the Turkish Air Force already has, with the assistance of the Hellenic Community.

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Nevertheless, he estimated that sooner or later Turkey will acquire and modernize the F-16s. The issue that arises is whether it will be delayed and we speed up the supply of Belhara & F-35, so that we can maintain superiority and that Turkey can eliminate any thought of creating a military base in the Aegean and Cyprus.

He repeated for the umpteenth time, that the Greeks should not worry about the strength of the Armed Forces as proper work and preparation is being done, while any problems and weaknesses that arise are being resolved.

He pointed out again that the most important problem of the Armed Forces is DEMOGRAPHIC with a direct consequence of the reduction of classes, which are to be classified in the Armed Forces.

Finally, he emphasized that the short-term approach to the possibility of a hot episode is a mistake, an event he ruled out as long as the military operations in Ukraine are ongoing, as this will cause, as he mentioned, a problem in the cohesion of NATO.

He emphasized that the issue lies in the random event, which can be caused at any time for the important reason of the expulsion of T.P.A. executives. following the July 15, 2016, coup in Turkey that was accompanied by the mass flight of 150 pilots.

He said that those serving now are young, full of fanaticism and overstepping their bounds without having the relevant experience to deal with the difficulties arising from PA interceptions.

Hence the risk of being blamed for an accidental hot episode increases.

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Concluding the interview, the Honorary Head of the GES emphasized that what should worry us is Turkey’s eventual intention to escalate the field to the limits of the red or to annex the Occupied territories of Cyprus.

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