The presence of China & Russia in the East and South China Seas is cause for concern

China often violates countries’ territorial waters in the East and South China Seas and has now enlisted Russia’s support, raising suspicions of military activity in the region, a report said.

Japan spotted Chinese and Russian warships just outside its territorial waters around disputed islands in the East China Sea for several minutes on July 4, an article in Asian Lite international said.

Japan has claimed that the Senkaku Islands are an inherent part of its territory historically and under international law, adding that the government will deal with the issue calmly but decisively to protect Japanese land, territorial waters and airspace.

Zhao Lijian, a spokesman for China’s foreign ministry, claimed that the activities of Chinese ships in nearby waters are legal and justified.

Japan’s relations with China have been strained by geopolitical tensions amid strong undercurrents of anti-Chinese sentiment and security threats.

People in Japan have already expressed their displeasure with China claiming the Senkaku Islands (Diaoyu Islands in Chinese).

China’s patrolling of the Senkaku Islands, uninhabited islands controlled by Japan, is one such tactic where China continues to use tactics in the Taiwan Strait, Washington-based group Global Strat View said.

China and Taiwan have claimed the islands, prompting Japan to increase its fortifications on the Yonaguni Islands, which are closer to Taiwan.

About 70 sightings of Chinese vessels were reported outside Japan’s contiguous 24 nautical mile zone last year.

Japan also protested Chinese and Russian ships operating off the disputed Senkaku Islands in May, the report added.

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There are two interrelated disputes between China and Japan in the East China Sea. These include the sovereignty issues regarding the Senkaku/Diaoyu Islands and maritime delimitation in the East China Sea.

Several countries including India, Japan, South Korea and Singapore are increasing their military budgets and spending as they face increasing aggression from China.

Countries in the East and South China Seas are trying to increase patrol and defense readiness. Meanwhile, the United States is making efforts to ensure free and unhindered movement in the region and contain the Chinese military, he added.

The article said that during the recent Tokyo summit in May 2022, the Quad alliance including the US, Japan, Australia and India agreed to launch a maritime security satellite initiative aimed at a free and open Indo-Pacific which can help even small countries to safeguard their sovereignty and economic interests.

Despite the Philippines’ claims of sovereign rights and jurisdiction, China has imposed a three-month ban on fishing in the waters.

Vietnamese fishing and other vessels have also been attacked by China since 2013-14 and more frequently since 2019-20.

China, being more powerful than Taiwan, has a better chance of overpowering Taiwan than Russia, but the risk of US involvement is greater and they have turned to intimidation and pressure.

The example of Ukraine and Russia is used to demonstrate the devastating reality of war and to subjugate the people in Taiwan.

Consequently, the Taiwanese people have made local efforts to protect themselves from an uncertain future by organizing workshops to teach and empower people to survive the war while waiting for government resources.

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China’s increasing aggression has caused the Taiwanese people to prepare for the unknown, even though a peaceful resolution may still be reached.

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