From here they take it from there they bring it! Russian media reports an imminent war episode in the Aegean to save Erdogan electorally

The plan to share the Aegean with Putin as “best man” is constantly being promoted by Ankara, ignoring the USA

Mehmet Emin Iqbal Durre (Kurdish Mehmet Em n kbal Dyurr, born on January 8, 1968, in Ankara) Kurdish political scientist, candidate of historical sciences, political observer of the portal, member of the European Academy of Natural Sciences, warns us of possible war episode in the Aegean by the Turkish armed forces, in order to survive politically as Erdogan himself declares in the upcoming presidential elections.

The expert emphasizes that either Erdogan will seek a “victory” against Greece, or he will find some serious excuse to postpone these elections, otherwise he will find himself not only defeated, but probably in prison.

The Kurdish political scientist (who works on behalf of the Russians and the Moscow media) explained “under what conditions Turkey will strike Greece militarily in the Aegean”.

Durre did not rule out the initiation of hostilities against Greece by Turkey.

“Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan will launch a military operation against Greece if he does not have time to correct the situation in the country’s economy before the presidential elections in June 2023,” political analyst Iqbal Durre told Russian media

The expert did not rule out the fact that Ankara will need a “victory” against the Greeks that could be “sold” to the Turkish electorate.

He added that now Turkey is trying to regain its former power in the eyes of the United States, but so far the negotiations, mainly on the supply of weapons, but also on the issue of the Syrian Kurds, have not yielded results.

Dur noted that “Ankara will start a possible armed conflict with Greece officially for the sake of the “disputed islands in the Aegean Sea, which are “quietly” held by Athens”.

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“If when the Turkish presidential election approaches, Erdogan has the view that he will surely lose if the situation in the economy does not improve, then he will look to find a ‘victory’, for example, in Syria, to sell it to the electorate, then it will cross the red line with Greece.

We are talking about several “disputed islands of the Aegean Sea, cunningly possessed by Greece”.

In recent years, the United States has supported Greece more than Turkey, so such a scenario, although extremely unlikely, is no longer excluded,” concluded Dürre, among others.

The Kurdish-born political scientist added that Ankara is likely to launch a limited military operation against Greece, rather than a full-scale war.

Dire added that against the background of the “extreme situation”, Erdogan can win the elections or postpone them.

The scenarios and the propaganda war by Turkish and Russian media are well against our country, since Moscow and Ankara join their line in the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

In a tragic repetition for Hellenism of the period 1921-22 (Russian-Turkish treaty between Bolsheviks and Kemalists against Greece), Russians and Turks have common interests and plans in the Black Sea, the Aegean, and the Eastern Mediterranean.

They frantically want to “shrink” Greek power and jurisdiction in the Aegean and Mediterranean due to the presence of American bases and forces in our country, considering Greece to be an advanced “outpost” of the USA.

Our country, in the midst of a new Cold War and Turkish ambitions, joined forces with the West and especially the USA, looking for support in the Moscow-Ankara duopoly which, after Ukraine, will certainly deal with the warm seas.

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The Russians are putting the Turks ahead to start a possible war conflict in the Aegean-Mediterranean, being ready to help afterwards, as ROSNEF and Gazprom are exploiting the deposits of Egypt and Syria, while the maritime axis Black Sea-Aegean-E.Mediterranean is vital to Moscow because of Suez.

In the midst of all this, the Turks are reported to have agreed a kind of secret agreement with Moscow for the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean.

According to PENTAPOSTAGMA from 2017 and the then visit of Erdogan to Athens, the Turkish journalist of haber 7 Çağrı Erhan had analyzed the Greek-Turkish relations and differences, revealing a lot, a lot.

He himself had spoken at the time quite by accident “about the creation of a union in the original standards of the creation of the EU, referring to as (listen–listen), “an economic union of Greece-Turkey with the name “Hydrocarbon Exploitation Association in the Aegean”, in order to co-exploit from common as he mentions, the energy resources in the Aegean”.

Erhan had mentioned that the proposal covered all phases from the extraction, processing and transportation of hydrocarbons, while underlining “that it is possible that such a business association will want to include many countries, especially Russia.”

The Turks have the Aegean and hydrocarbons as their first priority, demanding either cooperation … or probably war, with the help of the “best man” Putin.

The neo-Ottomans have been asking us for years to co-exploit something that belongs to the Greek people completely.

They know exactly what they will receive, because no proposal of this kind is going to be taken into account by Athens.

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