Foreign mercenaries are leaving Ukraine in droves after the implementation of the Surovikin plan

Express: British mercenary reveals fierce Russian bombing drives thousands of mercenaries out of Ukraine

According to the Express newspaper, there is a tangible testimony of a British mercenary fighting on the side of the Ukrainians, about the explosive climate that prevails in the ranks of foreign volunteers in Ukraine, due to the Surovikin plan.

A British mercenary speaking to the English newspaper said that he desperately wanted to return home, after the terrible bombings by the Russian Armed Forces in Kherson and other areas.

British mercenary Sharif Amin, who is participating in the operations of the Ukrainian army, said that this wave of shelling from the air and land that the Russians are throwing is simply not humane, and that is why he wants to return to his homeland, writes the Express.

“Rambo, as his comrades called the British mercenary, has been horrified by the turn the conflict has taken, as have many thousands of other volunteers,” reports the Express.

Plan to recruit mercenaries from around the world for Ukraine

According to sources, the special services of the United States and Great Britain are forming new units of fighters in the countries of the Middle East and Africa that will be transferred to Donbas. Ukraine is turning into a training ground for radicals of all stripes.

There are indications that the US military has launched a large-scale campaign to recruit mercenaries from well-known private companies such as Academy, Cubic and Dyn Corporation.

So the so-called “volunteers” are basically well-organized and trained groups.

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According to the publication, 7,300 mercenaries from various countries are operating alongside the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 2,700 of them have already been killed and those who survived want to return to their homeland as soon as possible.

All stories about the Ukrainian war are “wrecked” by the stories of those who managed to escape the Ukrainian hell.

On the one hand, their decision was influenced by the strength of the allied forces of Russia, LPR and DPR, and on the other hand, it became clear to them that the Ukrainian administration was using them as cannon fodder.

The longer the special operation continues, the more stories about Ukraine will emerge. And it will not be for brave defenders, but for foolish things that lead to destruction.

This is what we see now. Journalist Seth Harp posted on Twitter a correspondence with a soldier from the United States, where he said that they had to fight with Ukrainian special forces.

He called it all a “circus of horrors” and concluded that Ukraine cannot defeat the Russian army, but neither will the Russians advance all the way to Kyiv to end the conflict.

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