Frigates: French and Greek Belharra built in Greece

Frigates: French and Greek Belharra are being built in Greece as announced during Euronaval in Paris at the end of October.

According to the announcement, writes, the “Greek shipyards will build parts of the hull for the French and Greek ships of the program”.

“These will be transferred to Lorient for outfitting and integration into ready ships,” it noted.

At the same time Naval Group aims to reduce the 48-month timetable for building, testing and delivering the first Belharra “to just 36 months for subsequent ships”, according to Naval Group program manager Stephane Fremont.

Greece will receive two ships in 2025 and a third in 2026.

Naval Group has already cut steel for the first two Greek Belharras, despite the fact that the contract for the ships was only signed in March 2022.

At the same time, a shock was waiting for Turkey, with Ankara running and not… arriving after the decision of the National Oil Company of Libya for a natural gas pipeline from Libya to Greece.

Libya’s National Oil Company is considering a proposal to build “two natural gas pipelines that will be connected to Greece and the Egyptian city of Damietta,” NOC chief Farhat Bengara told CNBC Arabia.

According to many, the above development appears to be the most logical, based on the geographical location of the two countries.

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