Everything is moving in Libya! Turkish drilling rigs are expected to accompany the war fleet after Erdogan’s statements

Forming a third government against Ankara – When we see the Turkish armada start from Antalya then a possible war between Greece and Turkey will be closer than ever
The pawns are moving in the Libyan issue since Turkey is “running” to catch up with the developments (UN-EU-NATO) in a country that simply has huge deposits that everyone is watching.

In an interview with A-Haber TV, the Turkish president P.T. Erdogan said: “We have the ability to go with our ships to third countries that have natural gas reserves, to drill, extract the natural gas and sell it together to other countries. We have requests from many countries. Libya is first in line, and they asked us to cooperate in this way.”

Erdogan actually announced drilling south of Crete in cooperation with the outgoing government of Tripoli, as we wrote in PENTAPOSTAGMA. And this, even though the UN and the West do not recognize the illegal Turkish-Libyan accords.

The request exists from the now illegitimate Libyan government, and we await when the Turkish floating drilling rigs, accompanied by a war fleet, will set sail for Libya.
When we see the Turkish armada starting from Turkish ports then a possible war between Greece and Turkey will be more likely after 1974.

A war is coming in Libya while we have a third government in the country reports foreign media
Libyan Marshal Khalifa Haftar has warned that he may go to war in Libya as the stalemate continues in the country. Oil is still being pumped and traded miraculously, but that may not last, due to Turkey’s meddling.
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Turkey has now ratified the Tripoli-based Government of National Unity (GNU) under current interim Prime Minister Dbeiba. But this has greatly angered Egypt. In the east, the Libyan parliament appointed Fatih Basaga as prime minister, who cannot take office.

Everything leads to a stalemate, with Dbeiba refusing to step down even though his term had technically expired, and Bashaga failing to capture Tripoli and losing power.
Now, there is talk of a third government, causing a deadlock just waiting to explode.
The creation of a third government is ostensibly being implemented to unite all Libyans, as Ageela Saleh’s brainchild, the speaker of the House of Representatives, Khaled Mishri, and the head of the Supreme Council of State, conspire to “unify” the two governments of the country, expelling the Turks.

Whether this project will succeed we will see in practice since the Turks, in every different eventuality, will react dynamically by using military force.
Greece and Egypt support Saleh, while Athens has declared that the country “has sovereign rights in the area, which it intends to defend by any legal means, with full respect for the International Law of the Sea.”

Libya, home to Africa’s largest crude oil reserves and an OPEC member, has been hit hard by chaos since the ouster of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011.

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