MEKO with 32 ESSMs for saturation attacks on four cells

MEKO with 32 ESSM for saturation attacks in four cells the solution for the Greek MEKOs.

The modernization of the Greek MEKOs has been high on the priorities, so that the Greek ships can quickly go out more reinforced in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean where they will have to face, among other things, the increasing aggressive attitude of the Turks.

Turkish drones are increasingly making their appearance in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, with the Greek Navy including in its planning the countermeasures of saturation attacks.

To do this it is necessary to increase the load of the Greek MEKOs to 32 ESSMs (RIM-162 Evolved SeaSparrow Missile), which can be achieved by upgrading them so that each cell gets four ESSMs.

In short eight cells x four missiles each cell gives us a total of 32 ESSM on each ship.

The range of the specific missiles may not be able to offer area defense since it does not exceed 50 km, but the combined presence of the MEKOs with the Belharra and the new Greek corvettes (Gowind or Doha) will offer a solution to the Greek air defense architecture, with defense against saturation attacks.

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