Bloody incident – ​​He stabbed his wife in the jaw

A bloody incident involving a 67-year-old woman who abused her 72-year-old husband took place this morning in Nice. In particular, according to information, the 72-year-old man attacked with a falsetto and wounded his wife in the lower jaw, while there had been a fight between them.

The 67-year-old went out into the street calling for help, however, a few meters away from the front door of her house, her strength left her and she fell to the ground covered in blood.

A few seconds later, he came out of the apartment building and the 72-year-old man, holding the knife, returned to the house after the voices of the neighbors and came out again with a screwdriver in his hands.

A neighbor of the couple was the one who saved the life of the unfortunate woman, as he managed to disarm the 72-year-old and keep him away from the 67-year-old.

The unfortunate woman was taken covered in blood by an EKAV ambulance to the Attica Hospital, where she is being treated, while the 72-year-old man was arrested by men from the DIAS team. and is held.

According to information, the perpetrator faces psychological problems and has been hospitalized in the past.

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