Armed Forces: They are preparing “surprises” for the Turks! He has “gifts” in the Aegean…

The “lobsters”, the “invisible hunters” and the unsinkable aircraft carrier – How the Armed Forces will respond to any aggressive action by Ankara – At the points – “key” the Navy, ready to “kill” the Air Force, with the finger on the trigger the Army.

“We are ready, we are always ready for any eventuality, this is our mission. The Armed Forces train and prepare for these situations and we have proven that we know how to deal with them effectively. If the critical moment comes, which we all hope will not come, then you can be sure that the appropriate answers will be given.”

This phrase belongs to a senior officer of the Armed Forces, who, in response to a question from, gave an impression of the situation prevailing in the three Branches, against the background of the escalation of Turkish provocation, the signing of the new Turkish-Libyan memorandum and the threats of war conflict.

The truth, however, is that in the Greek “Pentagon” there is a proverbial calm, a feeling of confidence about our powers, our abilities and our determination. This is certainly not accidental, it stems from the excellent work done in the three Branches, with the continuous training of the personnel, the modernization of the weapon systems and above all the excellent knowledge of their mission.

Everyone on the front lines knows very well what to do if the crunch time comes. From the captains and crews of the ships and submarines of our Navy, to the gunpowder-smoked pilots of the Air Force, the commandos of the Special Forces and the newest soldier of the Army who monitors the movements of the opposite side in the eastern Aegean.

After all, with the crisis of 2020 our country gained valuable experiences. The Armed Forces have consistently shown that they are ready for anything, they are constantly alert, they have “read” the enemy well, they are watching their every move and they can move to prevent them effectively when required.

He knows who Erdogan has against him

Despite successive defeats by the Greek Armed Forces, the Turkish regime continues to provoke and endanger peace and security in the critical Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean region. It is clearly a powerful military force, with an outnumbered army, but even they themselves have realized that what plays the most important role on the field is strategy, composure and the experience of knowing when to take the next critical step.

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Therefore, from the crisis of 2020 onwards, the Greek Armed Forces hastened without the slightest inertia to shield the borders even better from end to end, with the Navy “locking” the “key” points of the Archipelago, the Air force to terrorize the Turks in the air, the Army to build a wall on the Evros and load the islands with weapons and the Greek commandos to make the islets and rocky islets of the eastern Aegean their “home”. In this way, they have managed to always be one step ahead of the Turks and anticipate any of their actions before they even manifest.

Erdoğan has been in vain for 2.5 years a victory on the field that will force Athens to sit at the table of unconditional talks and he would also use it politically at home. Defeats are continuous for the Turks, who in every attempt to provoke saw in front of them a Greek flag. There are many examples… Evros, the exit of the Turkish Fleet from Aksaz, the “repeating” of the LIMNOS frigate to the Turkish flagship KEMAL REIS, “drilling” and… torture of Turkish submarines in the central Aegean and Karpathos and many other “tricks” that may not be we will never know.

The islands hide… surprises

With Turkey threatening daily even with an invasion of Greek islands, the Greek “Pentagon” has no room for complacency and unjustified inaction.

The GEETHA has given an order for vigilance to every Unit of the Territory, especially at the borders, while the ongoing “Alexanders ’22” exercise essentially simulates crisis conditions with Turkey, a rehearsal of a “hot” episode with many possible scenarios.

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The Turks are certainly looking for an opportunity, however the image of nearly 20 heavily armed vessels of our Navy deployed throughout the Archipelago and the fear that the “invisible hunters”, the 214 state-of-the-art submarines of the Greek Fleet, can target every one of their surface units, turns the plans for exit to the Aegean.

However, with the rhetoric of tension at an all-time high, sending a research vessel such as the Oruc Reis, accompanied by Turkish warships, to the area of ​​the new illegal Turkish-Libyan memorandum seems most likely. When will the fuse of tension be lit? When an Oruc Reis probe attempts to approach Crete. There the Navy will be set up as “Cerberus” ready to sink every Turkish dream. And this is something that Greek diplomacy has made absolutely clear. Operationally, after all, the Greek “aircraft carrier”, Crete gives our country an advantage, as it has airfields with Military Squadrons with dozens of F-16 Block 52+ and two Vipers, while the island’s naval stations can provide enormous support to our Navy , while Turkey is hundreds of miles away.

But if the Turks attempt to… come to an island at night, as the Turkish president himself says? Clearly, the hundreds of Aegean islets and rocky islets give the Turks the advantage of surprise, however, they must be prepared for… surprises, since the Greek commandos of the GEETHA Faculty, have made the rocky islands of the Archipelago their home, while the GES Chief , Lieutenant General Charalambos Lalousis has “loaded” the islands of the eastern Aegean, turning them into “lobsters”, having given clear orders to deal with any action.

For these reasons, there is calm and confidence in the military leadership. Because with a lot of work and methodical moves they have created a “steel shield” from Evros to Crete and Kastellorizo. Now, one thing is certain, if the Turks lead the situation to conflict and there is political will for an immediate response, the response of the Armed Forces will be of terrifying force.

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